Former owners of the current building of the Chamber of Commerce of Alicante in Elche. Currently, our facilities occupy 8 offices in the annexe, on the first floor. Soon, we hope to manage a landmark building in the Business Park. 

Virtual Office

  • What is a Virtual Office?
Every day, more frequently, we meet companies and individuals that do not need a physical space to keep their business running. Anyway, because of legal requirements, they must have at least, an address. To those profiles, we provide the Virtual Office services.
The term "Virtual Office" corresponds to those services that, being proper of any physical office, can be virtually provided and are committed to a Business Center.
New Technologies had contributed this way of working, extending services to wide levels.
  • How does a Virtual Office work?

Contracting the Virtual Office, as an example, we:

- Receive your postal mail, faxes, emails and phone calls.

- Give attendance to your visits.

- Provide you with secretarial and general administrative support. If you need to send a fax to a client, just call us. We do it for you.

- Make your phone calls to those clients do not speak your language. We call him and put your client, a translator and you on conference.

- Confirm your assistance to a meeting.

- Show samples of your products to your clients.

  • Services included in Virtual Office:

- Using of our address to domicile your company.
- Using of our address, telephone and fax numbers in your commercial papers.
- Fax receipt.
- Post mail receipt (we advise you immediately via email, in case of urgent mail).
- Forwarding of postal mail (postal charges not included).
- Attendance of your incoming phone calls in our switchboard.
- Phone calls forwarding (if you contracted the service with your private provider company) from your telephone to our switchboard.
- Attendance of your visits.
- Receipt and forwarding of emails.
- Activity reports, according to your requirements.
- Translations on line (by phone). (Telephone and translator charges are not included).
- A personalized email address in our server.
- A plate with your company's name in our Directory.
- Transfer/forwarding of phone calls from our switchboard to the phone number you indicate us (phone charges are not included).
- Bilingual switchboard operator.
- A 10% off when you contract a Work Station, Office or Meeting Room per day.
- Option to contract any other service we provide without extra charges.

Places of business

In elcheOne you will find a completed organization with suites or workstations, fully furnished, with all those services that companies or individuals may need to keep their business activity running.

Suites and workstations may be rented by hours, days, weeks, months or long term lease.

  • The price includes:
- All services included in the Virtual Office, plus:
- Electricity and Water.
- Cleaning.
- Air conditioning.
- Relax armchair.
- Ambiental Music.
- Expenses.
- Modern digital telephone with speaker, micro ("free hands") and display. *
- DForwarding of your incoming calls to our switchboard.
- Conference service. *
- Administrative and Secretarial support.
* Telephone and Translators charges are billing apart.
When you hire a suite or a workstation you are not tied just to the services included on your contract. You can ask for Extra Services at any moment.

Extra services

  • Telecommunications:
- Conference: many people on the same conversation.
- SMS: we can send you message to your movil.
- Fax: receipt, forwarding and sending of faxes with or without personalized cover.
- Internet Access.
  • Written Communication:
- Correspondence.
- Presentations.
- Translations.
- Handling of correspondence.
- Commercial Reports.
- Activity Reports.
- General Reports.
- All your commercial papers with your logo (by Pc)
  • Furnishing, Equipments and Supplies:
- PC
- Individual printer
- Scanner
- Paper destroyer
- Black and white copier
- Color copier
- Bindings
- Office Supplies
  • Logistical:
- Warehouse
- Catering
- Messaging
- External management
- Distinctive exterior facade
- Securities custody
  • Personalized assistance:
- Secretary
- Translator
- Stewardess
- Care visits
- Diary management
- Receptionist
- Call management


A new concept of networking, related to new technologies, ideal for entrepreneurs. As loop synergies, promote their development in the Business Center. 

Elche Meeting Point Business Park (.com)

By extension, our Business Center is an element of economic activity in the multi-business environment of the park, reference in Southeast Spanish, Polo Model Development. In this context, we aim to serve as a meeting, either of the companies housed in the Center for the offers and services to all firms in Elche Business Park; as either of these, which can be useful from our own organization, because of proximity, most diverse contingencies.

Outsourcing of Administrative Services, Front Street and Formalities

Exclusive for firms located in Elche Parque Empresarial, we designed this alternative mode of temporary work, under the following advantages:

- Near: We are a few meters from its headquarters, which facilitates the direct and personal relationship.

- Qualifications: Our in-house staff, (not in your company) is ready to provide solutions to numerous contingencies and unforeseen, 24 hours a day.

- Flexibility: Only pay for the time and work that receives below cost your company should deal.

- Outsourcing: We are in practice employees, whom you impart instructions and demands results.

- Customization: By consensus, we study the particular case of your professional needs, in the extraordinary situation of the moment, and adapt the solution for you.

- In short, form temporary work, yes, but in nearby installations, more flexible and personalized relationship with respect to the multiservice organization designed for your company, with offices and meeting rooms available to work. 

C/ Germán Bernacer, 69 - 03203.- Elche Parque Empresarial - Alicante - España
Phone number: +34 - 966 660 666 email:

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