ElcheOne ® began operations in 2004, pioneer in the area, in this type of business hosting services and continuation of what has been serving Commercial Delegation shoe manufacturers in the area Villena, Elda, Elche. In any case, personalized attention to business and industry. 

Who are we?

Amorós & García, Ltda. (1.989), company formed by entrepreneurs committed to understanding the new forms of wealth creation and employment.

What makes us different?

- Support for entrepreneurs – generate self- employment
- Direct connection with other business park companies Elche
- Market access , depending on the product or service
- Collaborating center with the services of the chamber of commerce ( seat attached to elcheOne)
- Personal attention
- University course unit (UA Y UMH)
- Business on the net priority
- Specialized area: shoes, tanned leather and components
- Human resources management resume
- E-mail Support tailored self-management (request information)
- Call 24 hours, high level, according to custom protocol
- Solution 24 hours before and unforeseen contingencies
- Telephone numbers and point singular
- Taxes account for billing of entrepreneurs
- Elche information on companies business park

Why a business center?

- Because is does not require a minimum stay.
- Because not waste your valuable time in setting up an office, or seek personal, licenses or adapt the site.
- Because you got all new technologies vantages.
- Because you deal with one provider (us).
- Because you just pay for what you use.
- Because everything is flexible and completely versatile.
- Because you do not have to worry about the electricity bill, water nor taxes; these services are included in the rent.
- Because if something is not working properly, we manage its reparation.
- Because we are the best exponent of externalization of services.
- Because a Business Center had been conceived to simplify company's life.
- Because we are a neutral area to your deals.
- Because the philosophy of "sharing costs" makes prices more accessible.
- Because in a Business Center act excellent synergies.
- Because you do not need to invest.
- Because to start your business, expand your company or to try a new brand, staying at a Business Center, your risk is: CERO.

C/ Germán Bernacer, 69 - 03203.- Elche Parque Empresarial - Alicante - España
Phone number: +34 - 966 660 666 email:

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