en Elche Parque Empresarial

New concept of networking, ideal for entrepreneurs. As synergy loop, we encourage their development in ElcheOne ®.

Professional friend:

Let us help you with some ideas, certainly unique, under difficult moment that passes through the labor market, the reality that is imposed to ensure professionally fulfill ourselves and our capacity for initiative (yours & ours) to take advantages of new Technologies joined the strategic location is the Business Park where we are.
You will be surprised that on our part, we are not especially interested initially in his hypothetical to profit participation:
On both, we should post, that you get placed in the group of Business and Services Business Park Elche, depending on their specialty and entrepreneurship.
Only, achieved that goal, it would be when it should contribute to affordable monthly fee associated with this firm as Business Center, meanwhile, our collaboration is to help you explore the possibilities of integration of their professional expertise in the context of solutions to firms in the park, classified by sector and possible need to cover work in all its variables: Internal Recruitment, Temporary Employment, Outsourcing or Independent Service Delivery.

Simplifying the term self-employment, we suggest that questions the following points:

Are we talking about?